Arterial Blood Gases and Acid base balance


Blood gas is a frequently used laboratory study to evaluate the patient condition.

  • What is meant by the term acid base balance?
  • how the blood gases test is used, when is it requested and what do the test results mean.
  • How to read the blood gas?
  • how to distinguish between acidosis and alkalosis resulting from respiratory and metabolic factors.
  • What action to take in  different situation?
  • How does the body regulate acid base balance?
  • What is the  importance of respiratory and renal compensations to acid-base balance.
  • What is an acid base disorder?
  • Why is the acid base balance of the body so important?
  • How is pH regulated in the human body?
  • How does the renal system work to regulate acid base balance?
  • What affects pH of blood?
  • Why are acids and bases important to the function of the human body?
  • how to evaluate body acid base balance?
  • how to interpret result of Blood gases?
  • What is the normal range for blood gases?
  • What causes blood gases to be high?
  • What is base excess in blood gases?
  • What does it mean when blood gases are low?Find more about blood gases and acid base balance here!


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