Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions

  • How can I create an account? To create an account, go to the registration page , and follow these steps:
    • 1- Enter your information
    • 2- Check your email inbox or your (Spam / Junk) to activate your account. Now you are ready to make your selections and register online.
  • How can I edit my name in the website?
    • You need to email us with your correct name spelling and your mobile number that registered in the website
  • How to register in your Events? Registration steps:
    • 1- Log in with your account username and password.
    • 2- Click on enrollment.
    • 3- Complete each step of the on-line registration process following the instructions on each page.
    • 4- Pay your fees either on-line or money transfer to bank account and email us a copy of your transaction.
    • And We will notify you by email once your registration is confirmed.
  • When should I register and pay the course fee?
    • Register and pay to reserve your seat as early as possible due to limited seats number. Notice that registering without making any payment doesn’t save your seat.
  • What payment methods does PromedAcademy accept?
    • The following payment options are available to use:
      • 1- Cash: through our office.
      • 2- Bank transfer.
      • 3- Credit card.
      • 4- Pay-pal
      • 5- vodaphone cash in Egypt
  • How long does it take to confirm my registration after I transferred the course fee?
    • The confirmation will take 5 working days. Late payments need to upload their receipt on to the website.
  • Someone will pay for me. Do I need to mention that?
    • Yes, you need to mention the holder name and bank name when you complete your registration.
  • I just paid and the event will start soon. What can I do to activate my registration?
    • You need to email us with a copy of the receipt or you may contact us via telephone at +201148696777 and we will take care of your question right away!
  • How do I reset my password?
    • If you can’t log into website and need to reset your password:
      • 1- Go to the Promed academy login screen at
      • 2- In the top right, click Forget password.
      • 3- Type the email then follow the on-screen instructions.
      • 4- Watch for an email from Promed academy with a link that allows you to reset your password.
  • Do I receive any CME hours for taking a course?
    • At this time, CME hours is only available in some activities through Promed Academy.
  • Where can I find my certificate?
    • To find your certificate, please follow these steps:
      • 1- Log in with your account email address and password.
      • 2- In the top right, click in your name to visit your profile.
      • 3- Click in â€completed€ icon.
      • 4- Click in â€certificate€ then “print certificate€ or make a copy as PDF file.
  • What is an on-line course?
    • An on-line course is a course in which learning and student participation takes place over the Internet,t hrough an on-line platform called bigblue button.
  • Do I need any special computer equipment in order to take an online course?
    • To ensure that your participation in Promed academy Live On-line Learning course is successful, please do the following:
      • Take a diagnostic test and ensure your computer and network connections are properly configured to provide you with the best possible meeting experience.
      • This diagnostic test will check and guide you to install the required version of Adobe flash player and the Adobe connect meeting add-in.
      • Please note that: – These installations are critical. – Internet connection should be at least 1 megabits If you want to use IOS or android system you need to download the moodle application  from the app store and register with the following data
        • 1- servername:
        • 2- username: your username
        • 3- password: your password
  • Can I open recorded lecture through my smart phone?
    • yes, you can open recorded lecture using your smart phone after downloading it.
  • Can I join Promed Academy teachers team?
    • yes, just send us your Biography and an updated CV together with your proposed courses and our team will contact you
  • Who should I contact if I have additional questions?
    • 1- fill the form below or
    • 2- you may contact us via the green chat box at the right corner below or
    • 2- you may send us and  email at
    • 3- you may contact us via telephone at +201148696777 and we will take care of your question right away! or
    • 4- you may visit our head office at

Gazaer Street
New Maadi, Cairo 11742

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Last Edited on 2017-09-27