About Us

why us?

The Internet is a very powerful tool. The future of Internet-based medicine is to tie together many different entities. The healthcare professionals now considers Web surfing comparable to television, movies, and books in terms of entertainment value. It is only appropriate that health care professionals leverage all the powers of the Internet to improve patient care.

Our company

ProMed Academy is a virtual medical academy powered by team of medical professionals from different Medical, Pharmacy and Nursing schools. Our company is constantly evolving and growing.

Our Vision

We are looking forward to be the leader of medical education solutions in the middle east.

Our mission

is to provide best solution that helps everyone. Based on E-learning platform, our aim is to remove the barriers of time and place to continuous medical education, and career development of the always busy health care professionals through a wide range of services, up-to-date and hot topics of interest for physicians, pharmacist and nurses available all the time and everywhere.

Our scope of services

Courses: On-line Medical courses for physicians, pharmacist and nurses to develop clinical skills CME lectures: Wide range of CME lectures accredited by different authorities in Middle East Question Banks: Largest available question bank that help our participants pass board exams Conferences: Hosting of On-line conferences presented by elites of health care professionals discussing up to date and hot topics of interest to health care providers E-learning solutions: We provide wide range of solutions and technical support for medical education centers to develop their E-learning platforms

Our Clients

Our clients are health care practitioners in the middle east seeking for on-line CME and scientific offices of pharmaceutical industrial companies seeking to host their on-line webinars and conferences . We also provide technical support to medical education centers and universities who wish to develop their E-learning platforms

ProMed Academy...Knowledge is here!

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